Heating and Air Conditioning Applications

Heating and Air Conditioning from Belaircon Home Heating and Air Conditoning Belaircon design and install heating and air conditioning system for hotels, conference centres and restaurants

Any building can benefit from the installation of air conditioning - from a single room, domestic residence or suite of offices to large commercial buildings such as office blocks, factories, hotels, hospitals etc.
In order to find information on the type of air conditioning system that would be right for you, please follow one of these links:

For domestic or light commercial air conditioning applications  - for example small office/ home office, smaller retail outlets, restaurants

For medium duty commercial air conditioning applications - for example larger restaurants, office suites with around 3-6 rooms to be heated/cooled

For heavy duty commercial air conditioning applications  - for example large office blocks, factories, department stores

Specialist Air Conditioning and Heating Installations

Bel Aircon's expertise also encompasses specialist applications such as cooling of communications rooms, industrial process cooling and refrigerated rooms.  Please contact us for more information.

Light Duty

Indoor air quality is equally important in small buildings as in large ones and an air conditioning system to suit a small domestic or light commercial application need not be expensive. ...  > more info

Medium Commercial

We pride ourselves in providing a working enviroument that your employees and customers will not be in a hurry to leave. Whatever the weather and whatever the temperature outside, we can s...  > more info

Heavy Duty

"Heavy duty" applications would include large office blocks, factories, hospitals, department stores etc - any building that needs to provide a high quality indoor environment for a large ...  > more info

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