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Indoor air quality is equally important in small buildings as in large ones and an air conditioning system to suit a small domestic or light commercial application need not be expensive.

Where there are one or two rooms that need to be heated/cooled, for example an office or small shop, Bel Aircon can design and install an air conditioning system that will be quiet and unobtrusive and will provide an indoor environment that will encourage you, your employees and your customers to stay - what we at Bel Aircon call the linger longer factor.

We will ensure that your new air conditioning system:

  • is designed with the fabric and use of your building in mind
  • is installed with the minimum of fuss and disruption
  • is easy to use
  • is economical to run
  • is quiet and efficient

Please contact us to for an informal chat about your requirements, or see our case studies for further information.

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