Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance and servicing by Belaircon

Just like a car, an air conditioning system requires regular maintenance and servicing to provide continuous peak performance and to maintain air quality to the high standards produced when it was first installed.

Without regular maintenance an air conditioning system will not function effectively, its efficiency will be significantly reduced this in turn could lead to the need for costly repairs. In particular the coils of both the indoor and outdoor units should be thoroughly cleaned at every service, see our section on coil cleaning.

Is Air Conditioning Maintenance Necessary

We would say absolutely YES. When we supply new air conditioning equipment the manufacturer’s guarantee specifies that regular air conditioning maintenance is required to keep the warranty valid. With some manufacturers, this extends the warranty by up to 3 years. Over our many years experience we have maintained a considerable number of air conditioning systems. As a consequence of this, we quickly came to realise that many very expensive faults could have been avoided by regular air conditioning maintenance.

Air Conditioning Efficiency through Regular Maintenance

With all the stringent air conditioning regulations set in place, it is becoming increasingly important that the existing installed air conditioning equipment in a facility can maintain the required efficiency.

Air conditioning system regulations require their cooling energy efficiency ratio (EER) to be maintained. Poorly maintained air conditioning systems can deteriorate rapidly and it’s no surprise to us that major faults could have been avoided by regular air con maintenance. It is far more cost effective to maintain your aircon system rather than replace it.

BelAircon provides a range of service and maintenance contract options, please contact us for more information.

Coil Cleaning

Coil Cleaning

External Coil Surface Coils, both indoor and outdoor, should be cleaned regularly as part of an on-going maintenance program: A build up of dirt on coils can cause increases in evapora...  > more info

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