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Air Conditioning System Design from Belaircon

Every air conditioning system, heating system and ventilation system project can differ in many different ways. Building location, design and layout and the purpose of the facility in which the required system is to be installed can affect the system we use.

BelAirCon has a team of highly qualified air conditioning and ventilation design engineers, all of whom have extensive experience in all aspects of construction and building services. The company maintains a strong commitment to providing good indoor air quality in all working environments; this is the foundation of our successful business. Modern software design programs such as AutoCAD® and AC Calc are used for their ease of communicability by e-mail and their flexibility in assisting with appropriate design.

A well designed ventilation and air conditioning system can make a huge difference to the environments experienced by both staff and customers. BelAirCon have the experience to design environments of high indoor air quality which people are reluctant to leave. We call this the ‘linger longer’ factor.

Bel Aircon Air Conditioning Design

Ventilation Design

Ventilation is the process of removing polluted air from a facility and replacing it with fresh, clean air. Older systems can be expensive to run and to maintain. Here at BelAirCon we can design and install bespoke ventilation systems with output costs in mind. This ensures that the ventilation system we design is not only efficient in its role but also cost efficient to run and maintain.

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