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In order to cool a room heat energy must be removed at a greater rate than it is being introduced.  With a "standard" air conditioning system, the extracted heat energy is lost, however it is possible to incorporate into a VRF/VRV installation heat recovery technology that  harnesses the unwanted heat from areas that require cooling and either stores it or transfers it to rooms that require heating.

Particularly suitable for large installations, VRF/VRV with heat recovery technology offers a number of benefits.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

By using recovered ambient heat energy rather than heating cold air from outside, the day-to-day running costs of a VRF/VRVsystem with heat recovery technology are much lower than other alternatives.  Over the lifetime of the system, significant savings can be made nd with lower power consumption, these systems are also more environmentally friendly.

Other benefits of VRF/VRV with heat recovery technology include:

  • Small footprint.  The outdoor units are very compact and can be placed close together, minimising the space required outside your building.  It is also possible to connect in excess of 30 indoor units to one outdoor unit, again minimising space required.
  • There are a large number of indoor units to choose from to suit any type of building fabrication or decor
  • Simultaneous heating and cooling in different parts of the building maximises occupier comfort in all areas
  • Allows for individual adjustment of temperature in each room using simple to operate control panel
  • Systems are easy to install using small bore pipes meaning minimal disruption to building occupiers
  • Plant rooms and bulky service shafts are not required
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