At belaircon, we offer a large selection of heating and cooling solutions to suit all environments and personal preferences. Learn more about our wide range below.


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Your climate is our priority. With belaircon climate solutions, you and your employees can work in comfort. We provide you with the most energy efficient solution, so that you can focus your energy on your business.


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From small clothing boutiques to large grocery stores; the Daikin Sky Air unit range for Boutiques and small shops; Daikin VRV Technology for Medium-sized retailers; Daikin Air Handling Units and Roof top packs for shopping centres.


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With our Building Management Systems (BMS) or integration with Oracle Opera PMS, we give you total control of your hotel’s energy use and your guests individual control for their comfort.

Infrastructure & Data Centre Cooling Solutions

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Reliable and energy efficient technical cooling solutions that meet the demands of both large and small telecom shelters, server rooms and laboratories.

Process Heating & Cooling

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We offer a selection of multipurpose systems that can provide heating, cooling and hot water, that can meet your budget and needs.


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Our heating, cooling and hot water solutions are complete with various features and technologies, such as our Variable Refrigerant Technology, to create the perfect climate.


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Ventilation solutions that deliver a fresh, healthy, and comfortable environment for, commercial, industrial and residential spaces


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For building managers and engineers, warehouses or industrial applications can pose serious HVAC challenges because of their size and unique design.

Commercial Heat Pump

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Our chiller heat pump solutions offer full inverter technology and other advanced features.


Solution 10

Our high efficiency and compact marine chillers operate on a wide variety of ships and are specifically designed to cope with corrosive conditions.

District Cooling and Heating

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For densely populated urban areas, district cooling offers the advantages of cost and space savings. In addition to their high performance and energy efficiency, Daikin large centrifugal chillers provide outstanding reliability and stability to district cooling systems.

Air Purification

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Proven Effective Filtration, Clean and refresh the air, creating a healthy environment with our full range of innovative air purification units.


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We are a leading innovator and provider of advanced, high-quality air conditioning solutions for residential projects.

Building Sound Attenuation

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belaircon is a supplier and installer of effective,  sound attenuation solutions.


Solution 12

Large Areas heated & Cooled with Heat Recovery Ventilation
With rigid steel ducting or with fabric used as the delivery method using roof-top VRV or Chillers as the engine.