Case Study - Brooksons

Case Study Brookson

Centre Park, W arrington 2003
Total Contract Value: £95k

Bel Aircon designed and installed a complete heat recovery Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) air conditioning system for this two storey commercial headquarters building in Warrington. The total workplace area is 15,000 sq ft. Design factors included not only comfort requirements in offices and public areas, but also the need to maintain essential IT equipment at a regulated temperature.

Two M itsubishi VRF system s are installed within their own, purpose built, secure com pound, which feed both floors. A total of 27 discrete indoor heating and/or cooling units were installed.

The premises were newly built at the tim e of installation and BelAircon worked closely with other trades to a closely managed project timetable. With the initial installation completed, Bel Aircon has continued to provide site maintenance and has undertaken the installation of a centralised control mini building management system with remote and local area network (LAN) access and control.

Brooksons employees now enjoy the benefits of a sophisticated Internal Climate Control system whilst Brookson them selves reap the benefits of a highly energy efficient and cost-effective system .

In addition, under the governments Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme the entire cost can be offset against Corporation Tax in year 1.

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